My mission: To document and share beauty through photography and writing.

The intention I hold in my work is to share more than a technically good representation of wildlife, a place or person. I want to reveal the essence behind the physical...the spark of light.

Most of my photography is nature-oriented. I am drawn to document the beauty found on our planet and share it to inspire and motivate people to connect, value and care about the planet and all life found here.

Five books feature my images. Place of Spirit, contains both photographs and commentary about the spiritual connection we have with nature. The Gulf Oil Spill Story is a children's book about stewardship. Crack Light is a collaboration with Thomas Rain Crowe and includes his poetry and my images. More Than All the Rich Man's Gold is a collaboration with Thomas Rain Crowe featuring my images and his Hafiz translations. Manatee Mindfulness contains my photographs and wildlife wisdom.  Purchase through